Dish Network and ESPN App


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Apr 4, 2023
Poth, TX
I’m having issues with my ESPN app on my Samsung TV when I try to watch programming through my Dish subscription, such as SEC Network+. I’m currently logged in with my Dish credentials and the Dish name appears in the top left corner. When I select a program that is only offered through a verified Dish subscription, the programming tries to load and a Dish logo appears on the top right corner, but then an error appears and states “Unable to Play Video. Please try again. If this issues persists, please contact customer care.”

I’ve contacted ESPN and none of their suggestions work. I’ve tried logging out of my TV provider and logging back in, but no luck. I’m able to watch this programming on my iPhone via the ESPN app and using Dish as my TV provider, but it won’t work on my TV with the ESPN app. ESPN+ shows work, but anything that requires a TV provider gives me the same error.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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I just deleted and reinstalled the app on my TV, but no luck. I’ve attached a few screenshots.
Definitely the TV app itself then. I've had similar issues with Disney+ on an lg tv. If it's an important app for you then I'd look at asking dish for a hopper plus or buying a fire stick or roku stick from Walmart.
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