Dish Network buys out Charter competition


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Sep 8, 2003
In Tri-Cities, Wa., Dish Network just notified residents of their purchase of WBS.
WBS was the only competitor to Charter Cable in this area, but never really tried to compete(no advertising to speak of).
I live in a 40 unit apt. house, that has only about 8 to 10 subscribers to WBS. They were informed on Oct.11th that they had only until Nov.5th to subscribe to Dish with free installion.
I read the info. residents were given and it appears to be a 1 yr. lease, with heavy,heavy late fees.
The info given was that an 18in. dish antenna would be installed, but nothing was mentioned about a requirement that their individual antennas would have to face south.
Only about 12 to 15 apts. face south, so there will be many disgruntled renters that will have to change their service over to Charter Cable at a much higher price than what they have been paying. The majority of these residents are low income seniors, many of whom are disabled.
I will be advising the few that live in south facing apts. to check out the free 510, available at RS or Sears.
What are your thoughts?
Can't dish put in a multi-drop system of some sort? They do have something like that I think?
They are not going to put up 40 satellite dishes. They can use a few and wire each apatrment off of them. It's a piece of cake.
My guess is that DISH did not know they were sending those notices to an MDU.

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