Yakima Washington Locals Now Available!

As someone who has actually been there (too many times) and had to deal with the broadcast stations there,
I can sarcastically say Woo Hoo.
And yes, there is a free preview in progress.

As for overcompression, yep, the picture isn't as crisp as others, but it still beats the "snow" I've had on local cable.
Now Ellensburg, there is a place with many great memories that I can't remember.

Set the wayback machine to college....

People, there is more to do in Ellensburg than get gas on your way to the Gorge.

Not that anyone outside of the northwest really cares. Sorry for the tangent. Back to my hole again.
Just to clarify
I am very pro Ellensburg
I am against Yakima TV

Again, sorry for the tangent

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