Dish Network has equipment to broadcast 25 HD Channels!

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Wow I was just looking at TNGTony's Channel Chat and I noticed something.

At the moment, Dish is transmitting 21 Channels in HD! Yes you read that correctly 21!

On 61.5 you have
HD Events
Discovery HD
HD Demo

Thats 7 just on 61.5

Then on 148 you have
HD Events
Discovery HD

That's 6 on 148

Now on 110 you have 4 HD Channels
HDNet Movies
Discovery HD

So now we are up to 17.

On the new 105 satellite is is reported that there are 4 HD Channels now online, these channels are

HD Events

That makes 21 HD Channels currently being uplinked at the moment! And that does not count the 4 HD Test Channels which have been reported at 148 which brings the HD Channel count to 25!

Now while this does not mean a lot at the moment, it will when all HD moves off of 61.5 / 148 and 110!

Can you imagine 25 HD channels coming off of 105? And the great thing is Dish does not to invest in new uplink equipment they already have it and its in use!

Now tell me Dish Network that Dish Network does not have a commitment to HDTV. Thats a lot of HD uplink equipment then have! :)

Just something to think about!
Do you know if they'll move WCBS-HD over to 105? Just want to know if I'm gonna lose my CBS-HD feed when upgrading to the Uberdish.
That does not mean that they have worked out agreements with that many HD channel providers and I noticed that some of the HD channels are repeats although it is good news that they do have a lot of the hardware that they need to be ready for the HD channels when they get ready to launch.
I bet Charlie hates the fact that he's using up 3x the resources for many of these channels. I'm guessing that is the reason behind the aggressive schedule to move everything to 105.
25 channels and still mostly crap. I love ESPN-HD when they are showing games in HD, but as with most of these channels they are not true HD.

Soon though, soon.
I count 11 different channels, if you count CBS W and E as two. I know the post says equipment can carry 25, but a little misleading? :D Also, the satellites needed to get all those channels is three! (If you had a superdish) In defense however, this early in the game, that is quite alot of space going to HD.
Tampa, you got me thinking about what I hate about how satellite does HD. Super dish for Dish and the triple LNB for DirecTV. These dishes are getting bigger not smaller and that is one reason I can see myself going back to cable.
Not misleading at all, when they move all HD over to 105 they currently have enough HD uplink equipment for 25 HD channels.
James said:
25 channels and still mostly crap. I love ESPN-HD when they are showing games in HD, but as with most of these channels they are not true HD.


Hummm. I was thinking that the only one that was CRAP was ESPN-HD. :p

We need more HD Movie chanels and nature channels.
I agree jerreyz. Since HD is going to a premium service at first the channels' content need to be of premium quality to make it worth more the price wanting to be charged.

I am getting a bit curious with this trend in making the dishes bigger and bigger. I believe this is going to have to be the limit because going beyond the size of the SuperDish or ParaTodos dish will cause many to switch providers. They will need to develop some new technology to reduce the size of the dishes. I bet most would have thought they would have gotten smaller, not bigger all this time.
I think that is why E* is getting HD off the wing slots. They have to waste alot of bandwidth when they have to double up programming on the wings.

They should use the side slots for HD LIL (but that may not happen for awhile) They will also need 30 HD channels next month to be the HD leader starting OCT 1st with VOOM. DBS and Cable compition is a good thing for the HD customer!
If Dish is not using that space for anything else right now they could mirror the channels until they get all customers swapped out to the SuperDish from the wing slots.
So does this mean that those of us that were just switched from 105 a few months ago are going to be switched back if we have HD?
Please reply by conversation.

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