Dish network in MN? I read horror stories. Ahh! Insight? (1 Viewer)


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Dec 12, 2009
It is really cheap and I can save $25 a month with 2 year subscription (including telephone and internet). Plus I get HD in 2 rooms instead of 1, and an extra HD box is only $5 instead of $10 with Mediacom.

Should I stay away from Mediacom? What do you guys think.


BTW I'm in Mound, MN. Thanks.

Do you guys ever have days where your TV doesn't work?


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Jul 16, 2009
East coast of MN
Do you guys ever have days where your TV doesn't work?

The only time I have had days where a TV did not work was when a Set Top Box went bad. It took about three days to get a replacement box. I had a problem where when the roof has snow on it and it melts it drips on my dish and freezes that would cause reception problems but I now just put a black trash bag on my dish in the fall and that cures the problem. Other than that every once in a while if a big storm comes from the right direction I lose signal for a while generally a half hour or less.

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