DISH Network May Remove RFD-TV

I know how some feel: Dish could drop MTV, VH1, BET, PALLADIA and I wouldn't blink.

I can't think of a single channel that everyone wants to watch. But until we get a la carte programming we should all be on guard for this sort of cr*p ...

Isn't RFDTV one of the few a la carte channels available on DISH? Too bad all channels aren't a la carte but then the conglomerates would find out how worthless some of their channels really are.
Isn't RFDTV one of the few a la carte channels available on DISH? Too bad all channels aren't a la carte but then the conglomerates would find out how worthless some of their channels really are.

Yes, but not for long, apparently.

Look, I don't know what's going on. Most likely RFD wants, from Dish's perspective, too much money for the viewership it draws. Or Charlie figures that the subscribers who really want the channel aren't that valuable to him. That's true of YES, GolTV, etc. As long as there's another provider that carries RFD-TV (and my other must-haves) that's where I'll go. At least with FIOS I won't have to miss half my channels when snow accumulates on my 61.5 dish (as it has now).
If one channel means that much to you, why don't you just get a C-Band dish and get a better quality feed for free? I am not trying to be trite, I am just saying that if all that is keeping you as a Dish Network subscriber is RFD then you are paying waaay to much for TV.

Only paying $29 a month (Dish Family). I would probably be willing to move to C-Band but I am afraid the handwriting is on the wall for that. The 4DTV receivers are no longer being made so I can't see investing in a dish and everything. It's a shame too because C-Band was cheaper at one time and offered most everything ala carte. The price is not that much better than the small dish services now and the instability is a deal-breaker for me.
I think this is the channel that has all the horses and rodeo stuff on it right?? If I remember going to some homes for SVC that these people would tell me they only have Dish cause it was the only one that had this would that piss alot of people off in this area that have it if that channel gets dropped!
my question is how much are they asking for rfd, if you notice in the original post it says they were willing to offer rfd-hd & rural-tv for free. never seen anything about rfd channel being free so until you can answer the question "how much & under what terms" don't be so quick to judge. and if they had signed a contract 75% of the people bitchin' in here now would be bitchin' about having to pay too much.
Direct has it, they may start picking up new rural subs if Dish does not keep RFD,
Does anyone know what the actual issues are?
As a DISH Retailer, this will hurt my business. RFD TV is one of the most ask for niche channels that you can not get off from cable tv.
An update! :)

To: RFD-TV Viewers

Fm: Patrick Gottsch

Re: Update - DISH Network/RFD-TV agree to 30-day extension

Yesterday, I shared with you the potential problems with RFD-TV's affiliate agreement with DISH Network, and asked a select number of DISH Network subscribers in our data base to contact and/or write Mr. Ergen and Mr. Shull at DISH Network to provide your comments and feedback on this situation. Boy, did you all ever respond!

Many of you wrote back to me and/or shared your letters that were sent to DISH on our behalf. I have read every one, and I can tell you that I am absolutely humbled by your out-pouring of support for RFD-TV. The vast majority of these letters were so positive, constructive, and heartfelt that no one could ignore their sincerity, and I can assure you all that you all made the strongest possible impression with DISH's management.

Communication is being re-established with DISH, and I am hopeful that discussion for a new agreement will soon take place. I will do everything in my power to make this happen, as again, I am recharged with energy from your support. At this time DISH Network/RFD-TV have agreed to a 30-day extension of our present agreement while these negoitations take place, and there will be no interuption of service on February 14th, 2010.

I will continue to update you all via e-mail first, and post any major developments or announcements on the RFD-TV - Rural America's Most Important Network <> web site as they materialize.

There is no reason to send any more letters or calls to anyone at DISH at this time, as the message has been received and further contact may even be counter-productive.

Again, thank you so much for your support. One learns who there real friends are when times get tough, and man, does RFD-TV have a lot of friends.

Patrick Gottsch
Founder & President
Yes, very good news, although of course nothing's done yet.

And if it is, then maybe, YEAAAHHHHH, Dish will also carry RFD-HD! Oh, boy, wow!. Wait.....I won't be able to see that one either.

Well, at least it'll get wifey off my back until I can switch providers (she doesn't care about HD). :)

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