dish network remote uhf problems


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Sep 10, 2010
i bought a logitech harmony 300 remote. we have the dish network dual reciever. i programmed my new universal to replace my dish network 3.0 IR remote but somehow it knocks out the other remote for out in my garage- what do i need to do to make both remotes work-

heres a layout-

tv1 (dish network 3.0 IR remote) goes straight to reciever inside my house
tv2 (uhf remote) goes to the tv in the garage

both these control my reciever which is inside the house
please help me :|


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Feb 28, 2010
Bowie, Md
Do you mean that when you use the Logitech Remote the Dish UHF remote doesn't work? What Dish receiver is it? It sounds like a 322 or a Legacy if you have a 3.0 remote. You might wanna try just readdressing the Dish remotes. The book the receiver came with can help with that. However if you don't have the book, 1. go to the System Info Screen through the menu (System Setup, Installation, System Info), 2. You should see what your remotes are currently addressed too (possibly both on 1), 3. to change address on either remote, while on this screen, hold down the SAT mode button until it flashes, press another number (I think you can go as high as 20 something), then press #. (example 5-#, or 2-3-#). While still on the system info screen, on the remote press the "record" button several times until you see the address change. 4. your remote is now newly addressed.

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