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Dec 10, 2009
Hey guys, been a reader for a while but never posted. I worked for CCI Customs communication, I'm sure someone knows about em.. lol

anyway, I'm a soon to be father and I'm desperately looking for work here in central Va, with no prevail, So I see dish network themselves is hiring offering 401k health dental van tools etc..

and that is the route I would be taking this time, not going with CCI again, I simply cannot afford to use my own vehicle and such again, NOW, my question is for anyone that knows.......

1. What is the avg hourly pay, and are the hours similar? 24-7? (lol)
2. Do you drive the company van home? Fax techs?
3. Do you have company gas cards?
4. Can you have a helper?

Thanks for all who may help, I really appreciate it, said I'd never do this work again but when times are tough well you know.. :rant::rant::rant:
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