Dish Network VIP 622 Receiver Problems--Help Needed


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Apr 5, 2007
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"The mention of the coax (from dish) color was to check that you have a high-frequency barrel or union (blue color center or possibly red) versus standard non-satellite (white) barrel. This is more needed with DPP than legacy. Every barrel from dish to receiver "must" be blue and as few as possible and all cable to be RG-6."

When you mention "barrel" I assume you are referring to the screw connectors, right?


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Nov 18, 2003
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They have many names (barrel, ferrel, union, coupler, joiner?) but are just small cylinders to coaxially connect the outer braid signal and the inner core signal. They have screw threads on both ends with a hexagonal flat near the middle. They are called female to female because the inner connection takes the solid wire. I have heard of the insulator being white for the usual cable signals (<800 MHz) and blue for satellite (up to 3000? MHz) and maybe red for something in between?


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Aug 23, 2009
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The 622's are funky with power... be sure to take a multimeter and check both sides of the plug to verify only one side is hot vs both since there could be a power issue. I've seen this with some newer model LCD TV's that like to cause surge protectors to add current to both sides of the plugs. This also happens alot on the 625's as both models are again " funky" with power issues. You should always invest in a power conditioner with a good grounded plug in the home to avoid issues like this that can take a toll on expensive hardware.

Also in reference to the barrel connectors.. you need to make sure any coming from the Dish to the receiver are BLUE... any from the receiver or TV2 and out can be on RG59 and white since they don't need to carry the higher freq which most lines run are diplexed and the signal is carried back to a source and up to a TV2 location vs running a straight line from the Receiver to another room ( Quick and nice little trick us installers use to avoid unneeded work/cable running).

Ohh and in case your curious on if this is true or not... I'm a Dish Network Installer :)


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Oct 2, 2006
It will probably get worse. Odds are you got a bum replacement, I did. Tell them the replacement they just sent is defective and DISH will ship another replacement with no shippng charge to you..


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Mar 5, 2009
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over the last 2 weeks have had over 7 sc/tc with 622 power-signal-loss rebooting have been replacing with 722 - 722k but dish will make u upgrade with a new 24 month commitment


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Feb 19, 2008
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622 Freezes and reboots if I try to access my recordings

Just started yesterday. If I try to access my recordings, the VIP 622 DVR freezes and reboots on its own. After reboot same problem over and over. Tried unplugging DVR for at least 20 minutes = no resolution.
So all of my many recordings are inaccessible. I have an old AT&T bundle plan so Dish Network doesn't appear to value me as a customer. They want me to talk to my service provider. Isn't that Dish Network?
Anyway, wonder if my nearly 5-year-old VIP 622 DVR is ailing. Am trying to get switched over to service directly from Dish Network but can't seem to get them to want me as a customer [I posted this problem in another thread].
Would like to be able to play my recorded programs. Any ideas?


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Oct 1, 2006
I have exactly the same problem too. Yesterday, when I moved several hours of HD movies to EHD I was able to use my recording tab but today the problem back again and I can not fix it.

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