dish on demand free movies


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May 21, 2010
A Dish technician showed me through the DVR options a list of movies on demand that can be viewed for free. I can't remember however how to access this list. Does anyone have any idea? I have an HD DVR receiver that is connected to the Internet through a phone line router. Every time I try to go through the DVR button on the remote or the Dish on Demand from the menu I end up at a short list of movies which are currently viewable on a pay per view basis.


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May 3, 2007
SF Bay Area
garys said:
Press DVR button once, select option 5 'DishOnLine', then 3 'Dish Theater, Then Sort, selecting 'Free' brings the free movies to the lop of the listings.

What movies do they have for free? I current have a phone line hooked up. Is it worth it to switch to ethernet?

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