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Sep 20, 2011
I think I have found a glitch with Dish’s parental controls which essentially makes the function useless. The issue is I want to limit R rated movies and more mature, while allowing less than that to be viewable without the passcode. However, Dish’s guide does NOT display the ratings for all movies-many of which are 10 yrs old. By selecting R rated and more mature-that includes, “Not rated.” So, for my kids to watch Disney’s Descendants or Beetlejuice-they need the code because they are listed as Not Rated. However, these movies are old and have had ratings associated with them forever.

I’ve tried every combination I can to do a work around and can’t come up with one. Meanwhile, my kids have the passcode because my wife and I can’t/won’t put it in every 5 mins on opposite sides of the house. This seems like a glitch Dish needs to fix-anyone have any suggestions?
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Nov 9, 2015
Yep I just removed parental control for this very reason. Was driving everyone in the house nuts. Just have to trust the kids or block certain stations outright

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