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Sep 24, 2003
I want to get HD. Direct TV is not an option because I live in a NRTC area. It is down to Voom or Dish. One of my problems is that I have already invited people over for the Nov. 10th MNF game, under the assumption I would have Voom. This will still be fine, assuming that Voom doesn't push back the install dates again.

Now let's assume that I don't like Voom and cancel in the first 30 days. What do we know about Dish's plans for mid-late November and early December? I have read alot here about them, but I am kind of confused.

I've seen the post about the DHP with 811s, 311s, and 510s. My question is do we know of any DHP with the 322/522s?

I think the perfect package for me would be a 811, a 522, superdish, and installation all free with a one or two year committment. I haven't seen a plan like this but I don't think it is too much of a stretch based on the current DHP.

Has there been a plan like this announced? If not, do we know when the new DHP with 322/522/811s will be announced?
I am watching the Retailer Charlie Chat now, and yes there will be DHP plans in Middle November that have the 322/522 in them.
Cool, great news. I'm assuming you will update us all after the chat.

Thanks Scott!

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