What's the chances for an existing customer 811 deal?


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Oct 1, 2003
Are we safe to pre-order now at MSRP or should we wait for a direct deal for existing customers? Or does Dish think that the 6000 deal is their HD break for existing customers?

I'm willing to commit! Also, does a commitment now block us from making more commitment later for SuperDish deal? Do they just add on? Previously a CSR wouldnt let me get into a second promotion until my first commitment ended!!
I don't see an 811 deal coming until at least the Springtime.

I believe the SatelliteGuysStore.COM site which is accepting people on it's 811 waiting list will be carging MSRP or just under. That has yet to be decided.

As far as commitments go, Dish has a new policy in that if you say get a 6000 today for $199 (which has a 1 year commitment) and then 2 months from now you want the SuperDish upgrade which also is a 1 year commitment, your one year commitment starts over again when you get the SuperDish installed. (No they don't at 1 plus 1 together)

It's good to see dish doing things for their customers, I just wish they would let their retailers make the same offers.

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