Dish - Please fix collapsible RSN's


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I'll admit it is a bit of an annoyance but I really don't think it's that big of a deal.
And each little annoyance upon little annoyance adds up to a big annoyance.
I'm sure there are tons of people who really love the fact that they don't have to surf through the hundred sports channels they don't care about.
What hundreds? I have TWO regional sports channels. (Four, with both SD and HD.) Why would I need these to be nested? I want to see what is on them simply by scrolling thru my Faves list.
Maybe there are more people who like the feature out there than people that hate it.
Or, maybe they just implemented it arbitrarily, without doing the proper research to find out.

i can guarantee it. the majority of folks that actually watch local/regional sports, moved to the other guys a long time ago. the fact that we have them still amazes me.
Why? I get all of my local sports on Dish, as do most subs outside of the NYC sports market, and a few others.

Since you can't meet your guarantee, do I get a gift card or something?

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