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May 14, 2011
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I just switched from D* to E* and I've got a question about Dish PPV. I have a 722k and a 612. I ordered the Harry Potter PPV (for the wife, not me) and it seems like I can watch it on either box until 0630 tomorrow, but it also looks like I can record it on both of my DVRs and watch it for a 24 hr period until April 2012. Is this true?, and if so I have a follow on question. I have a 1TB EHD on the 612. Can I archive the recording on the 612 and then move it back and watch it when I want?


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Feb 7, 2011
Move? depends on how the movie downloads ... if you subscribe to HBO ... content you might record to your dvr then ... *that* content would move, because its on the *user's side* of the internal hard drive.

BBMP, VOD, PPV can record to either side, though most of it should record to the "Dish" side of the hard drive.. and then you don't have access to the event via the standard My Events / My Recordings screens and would not be able to move it.

If its in your "My Recordings" with the episode of Glee you DVR'd last night (meaning your regular DVR content) then you can move it ... will it still work, maybe ... but within 24 hours of starting the recording its supposed to be locked out from you again and make you purchase it, regardless of it being past april or not.

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