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Sep 6, 2004
I have 2 dishes. one is dual dishpro connected to 18"dish looking at 61.5 and the other is dual dishpro 500 LNB where the switch is built in the lnb and it is looking at 119 and 110. So The wire from 18" dish goes in to the lnb of dish 500 and from there it goes to 2 different recievers. Lately I have been missing all the even number transponders on the 61.5 dish side only. Specifically transponder 8 12 and 18 which has most of the 61.5 programming i watch. Both receivers are doing this but the channels on 110 and 119 all come in good. I got a different dishpro lnb for the 61.5 and hooked it up and it does the same thing. I even directly connected the 61.5 dish to the receiver without going in to the 119, 110 dish and it does the same thing. Now the strange part is that when i connect a legacy LNB not dishpro but a legacy lnb to the 61.5 dish and run it directly to the receiver i got all the channels on 61.5. I am suspecting the switch in the 110, 119 dish lnb is messed up?? can this happen and rest of the LNB works fine since i get all the 119, 110 channels? but how can it be that even runnign the wire directly from 61.5 to the receiver i still miss the even number transponders? Can it be the receivers themselves? One is dvr 508 and other is an old one 1000.
thanks for clearing this up.
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Dec 12, 2003
Dorchester, TX.
You must have a Dish Pro Plus Twin on the dish 500 so you can use the 1000 with DP LNBs. The DPP Twin has had some problems, call DISH to see if you need a free replacement. Did you run a check switch when you swapped the connections around?
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