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Jun 2, 2004
First post. I currently have a 522 with a legacy twin LNBF that I'm replacing with a Dish Pro LNBF. My cable I installed for the second input is swept to the higher bandwidth (2.5 GHz), but my original grey Dish Network cable is only swept to 1.8 GHz. My run is only 80 feet. Does this need to be replaced when I upgrade to Dish Pro LNBF? Due to the stacking, and higher voltages will I get a better signal strength, that may prevent rain fade problems??
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I think you should be OK. When I ran wire for our cabin, I used regular RG6 cable and have a run of about 120 feet from the dish to the receiver (DishPro LNBF and receiver). Everything works fine.

There is no difference between DishPro & Legacy when it comes to signal strength. DishPro allows you a lot more flexibility when it comes to switches (less lines to run) and you can run it up to 200' away (Legacy is 100'..but Ive run it longer than that with no problems :)
Thanks for the quick response Iceberg :) I never had any problems with rain fade with my 7100 with same Dish setup. I just want to make sure I have the best signal I can get for this 522. I did notice that transponder 4 and 6 are 50 -60 level on 110 sat. I also noticed some transponders have no signal at all. On my 7100 all transponders had good signal.

Is there a matrix that shows best signal per transponder for Dish 500 setup? What are the best ones to use for 119 and 110 setup? Maybe I just need to trim that tree around the 45' ht position... :eek: Too be honest I don't know how Im getting any signal at all :D Im shooting right thru a 85' maple at around 50' from dish.
Any suggestions to keep me rain fade free like when I had the 7100 hooked up? Cutting the tree down unfortunately isn't an option, and I can't relocate to anywhere else..

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