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Jul 3, 2008
I have a Dish 722k and a Sling Adapter connected to it. Every so often when I am outside I like to use the Dish Remote Access on my Garminfone on the T-Mobile network to listen to a program. I get mixed results. Sometimes it will work for quite a while and other times it will freeze up. What is the best way for me to determine if the problem is:

-The Carrier (T-Mobile is not the highest rated for 3G)

-The Phone (My Garminfone is only on Android 2.1)

-The Dish Remote Access Software (I think I have the latest update)

Or could it be some other problem?


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Feb 7, 2011
First you've confirmed that your network at home is ok? you can stream reliably with a PC hooked to a network *outside* your home network

Next if you have an ability to tether your PC to your phone.. you can show if the pc to the phone through the phone's network can handle it..

And then you're left troubleshooting the phone.

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