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Apr 18, 2008
Dish Network shares were up more than 4% in early trading Wednesday after Citigroup media analyst Jason Bazinet raised his rating on the stock to “buy,” adding the satellite TV service provider could be purchased for as much as $95 per share.

Bazinet did not say that a deal was imminent, only that he believed the ultimate end game for Dish was a sale. And at that price, Dish, which has struggled with subscriber losses at its legacy satellite TV business over the years, would be valued at more than double its current price range of about $43 per share. Most of that value comes from Dish’s wireless spectrum holdings, which Bazinet put at about $1.50 per point-of-presence (POP). That is more than double the price other analysts have placed on the spectrum.

Dish Rises on Analyst Upgrade, Sale Speculation | Multichannel


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Jul 20, 2005
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I doubt we’ll see any such thing this year. And with time running out on the spectrum, it’s value must be beginning to DEcrease.
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Dec 19, 2006
I think someone will step in and buy Dish . Verizon was setting up a whole new Ip tv platform and for no reason pulled it .


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Nov 30, 2011
I wouldn't have ever believed before that Charlie would sell, but then again hasn't he stepped down as CEO of the satellite division and gone over to the "wireless" division (still unclear what that even is)

That being said- we should all probably take speculation with a grain of salt. They thought the last Sprint/TMO merger would go through and it fell flat.
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