Dish Scapes on 199 is interesting


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198 is inside the lobby of a haunted hotel. Giant spider, creepy clown, multiple ghosts, invisible man bloody footprints, thunder and lightning, Bigfoot Just on a flag, carnivorous fly eating plant, and a few other things. Fairly tame, but very good detail. No flicker or focus issues for me.

One subtle detail though. There is what appears to be a big cabinet TV in the background that flickers between static scenes. It’s a little hard to tell what the scenes are at first because it’s small enough to not have much resolution. But if you look closely you will see that they are actually scenes of previous Halloween Dish Scapes! There are two scenes of the current Dish Scape on 199, one for daylight and one for nighttime. There is one of last year’s Dracula’s castle. There is one of the inside of a haunted mansion, I think from two years ago (which IMHO was the best Dish Scape the was). And lastly, there’s two scenes of what appears to be some kind of dead scary forest that I don’t recognize, one for day and one for night.

I guess an homage to previous Halloween Dish Scapes.
The Dish Scape on 199 is a one hour loop. Quite a bit longer than the previous ones! About 20 minutes of daytime/sunset time, 20 minutes at night, then 20 minutes after the lightning bolt where it looks like a spell is over the house (the purple sky scene)
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Oh boy! This month’s 199 Dishscape is pretty tame (boring). A snowy mountain scene of a stone train trestle with a dozen or so different trains slowly going by. Each train is different, but that’s it. Nothing else moves but the snowflakes. After you’ve seen all of the trains once, there’s no reason to watch it for the rest of the month. I guess AHC didn’t pony up much money.

Hopefully December will be better.

BTW, 198 hasn’t changed at this time and is still streaming the haunted hotel. Maybe by morning.
Well, 198 turns out to be a bit of a yawner also.

It’s got a very nice fall farm pastoral scene. It has turkeys, pheasants, and deer walk across the frame. There is also a Thanksgiving parade like turkey ballon float across in the distance. We also get farmer Bigfoot coming out the barn to do some random raking. All of this to the tune of some soft piano/guitar mood music.

Although the scarecrow will suddenly break into dance which abruptly interrupts the mood music with country harmonica/fiddler music, and just as abruptly goes back to mood music when he quits dancing.

One odd element that easy to miss. The clouds in the upper left corner will turn into a puffy turkey wishbone and break.

All of this takes place during the daytime phase, nothing happens during the nighttime phase. But that’s it for any action, quite tame.

The farm scene is superb with near 4k resolution and quality. I give them an A+ for that, but just a C for interest/action.

Again, hopefully December will be better.
I can see why Santa's Workshop was not included on the channel 93 previous Christmas Dish Scapes - the long range guide says Santa's Workshop 3 is the Dish Scape for December. "Dish's holiday tradition, Santa's workshop is back again with even more holiday fun. Check in to see fun new surprises in this fan favorite"
The only thing I can say about the new Santa's Workshop is WOW! They really added stuff this year! No spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet so don't read on; has anyone noticed a mistake with the elf carrying the presents along the upper walkway? At first he walks along the full length from right to left and back again but later he suddenly just appears out of the wall to the right of the chimney, walks left, disappears into the wall to the left of the chimney, then repeats it in reverse. Kind of strange. I'm hard pressed to believe it was designed that way so I'm thinking it's more likely a glitch? Whatever it is it doesn't spoil the workshop Dishscape, it's great!
I‘m back. Just before thanksgiving I had a horse riding accident and shattered my right femur. Two surgeries, leg rod implants, and a long hospital stay later, I’m now home and recovering nicely. But six weeks of old man walker hobbling.

Finally getting a chance to see the newly redone Santa Workshop. Lots a new little additions. It’s my go to channel for Christmas mode music while zoned out on pain meds
We are heading into the 4th year of Dish Scapes with the "Cozy Cabin" Dish Scape - where the winter wildlife roams outside include moose, foxes, and more. Hard to believe Dish Scapes was introduced in December 2019.
WOW - lots of stuff for Dec:
  • Modern Yule Log
  • Classic Yule Log
  • Santa's Workshop 3
  • Cowboy Christmas
  • Christmas "Seek and Find" (according to Dish it changes weekly)
Dish really gave us a lot to look at!
One thing I realized is that the past couple of years, Dish has used the less engaging version of the Modern Yule Log. There are two version of this. The one that is currently up and has been used for the last 5 or 6 years - and has only a couple of things with the mouse, the clock, and the elf figurine sliding. The last time I believe Dish used the alternate version was in 2017 or 2018. That version had a child coming by and taking a cookie and dancing as he walks off eating it, there is a card that says "Der Santa" written by a young a child hanging over the cookies, another child come and sneaks the cookie plate away, Santa dances across the screen and takes the "Der Santa" card, a radio controlled car drives across the screen, an elf prances across the screen and shoots confetti then needs to clean it up, another kid slides and grabs the packages and shakes them to hear what is inside, Santa puts a large package in front of the fire and a dogs comes out of it, the dog then runs across the screen dressed as an elf and a child picks him up, Santa bring in packages and drops them all over the place, the elf then comes and picks them up, and another child comes and dances like it is a disco and the lights get all neon and dark. I do miss the more engaging one. This one is nice to have playing as a background - but I do miss the other one.
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The two Dish scapes this month don't have a ton of action, but are very relaxing. I really like both of them. The Arctic Ocean one is definitely unique - it has a different feel than some other Dish scapes. You don't think about the Arctic Ocean as a place you could go. I haven't had a chance to watch them in depth, but as background noise they are very relaxing. The Cozy Cabin reminds me of when I go on vacation in Colorado - when I go to Breckenridge or some other towns in that area.
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Quick observations about this February‘s 199 “Valentine’s Garden” Dish Scape.

Nothing terribly exciting, dancing hearts, loving swans, lots of mood music and lighting (fit for a hight school prom), flying Cupid statues. The love farting skunk is a funny, if odd, addition.

But the one thing that caught my eye was the balloon/maze walk. Someone comes out to walk through the hedge maze with a bunch of heart balloons. The hedge is high enough that for the most part you can only see the balloons above the hedge proceeding through the maze. However, just as the balloons round the heart shaped hedge, you get a brief glimpse of the balloon walker. And it‘s BIG FOOT! Hence, Big Foot’s love cameo.

Some traditions never die.
This month's Dish Scapes on 199 has a feel of the Enchanted Forest (June 2021) and a small portion of Shipwreck Treehouse (March 2022) combined together. Feels like there was a lot of ideas were borrowed from the design of Enchanted Forest - all great stuff in terms of the trees and how there are doors where the Leprechauns live in them.
Last comment on the streaming Bora Bora (Boring Boring) Dish Scape on 198.

As I said earlier, the action is pretty minimal. There are beach waves that somehow come from a completely waveless lagoon. The scene goes light, then dark, then light again, and continuously repeats this for some reason.

The swim fins and mask propped up against a palm tree never get used (anti-action).

Most of the of the other action is lagoon creatures:

There are sharks that swim in and out of scene.
There are sea turtles that swim in and out of scene. There are porpoise that swim in and out of scene.
There are cuttlefish that swim in and out of scene.
There are fish schools that swim in and out of scene.
There are manta rays that swim in and out of scene. There are jellyfish that swim in and out of scene.
There are shrimp that swim in and out of scene.
There is a LOT of swimming!

There is a flock of birds that FLY in and out of scene; I guess just to break up the swimming pattern.

There are some biophosphorescence blooms during dark periods.

There are a couple of sail boats that sail across the scene.

Lastly, Bigfoot parasails across the scene for his cameo.

I’m already ready for April.
I noticed that the long term EPG has the April Dish Scape starting on 3/29 at 4am central time instead of April 1. Spring Farm 2.0 Dish Scape. It is close to the same description as last year just with "double the fun"
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