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May 12, 2005
Central Ohio
Thinking of switching back to Dish. When I last had it I using a dish for 61.5 and one for 110 & 119. I also had a OTA for Hd locals. It looked like a remote broadcasting station. Had Dtv with one dish and little rain fade problems. I got rid of Dtv when contract ran out due to cost. I usually watched the redzone channel every sunday. Does the customer service still suck and what sats are now usedused? Thanks
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May 13, 2008
Cleveland, OH
Unless you have LOS issues, Dish should be able to set you up with a single dish solution with, probably with a few of your locals in HD. Either a 1000.2 hitting 110/119/129 or a 1000.4 hitting 61.5/72.7/77 depending on your market. OTA antenna may still be a good idea to get PBS, CW, etc. in HD, plus get you an additional tuner for recording 3 or 4 shows at once on a single DVR.


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If your old equipment is still in place, Dish will use it in the same configuration you had before. If Dish is installing new equipment, you'll be added to the Eastern Arc satellites so you'll only need one dish.

NFL Redzone could be available depending on what programming you purchase; it is not available to everyone.

Customer service still mostly sucks but you sometimes find knowledgable people. The Dish CSR's for this area are based in Hilliard so you might want to remind them you're in driving distance to "come see them in person" :)

// Scott A


SatelliteGuys Guru
Jul 20, 2009
Dayton, OH
I have an EA and a wing dish because Dayton Locals are not on the EA yet. Wish I knew when they would be.. .kinda pointless to push the EA but not have locals out there for them.

Customer service.... I always end up getting people from Denver when I call.
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Sep 12, 2007
Delaware, Ohio
I recently had Dish installed. They set me up with a single dish on 110, 119, and 129.

HD locals are available for 4, 6, 10, 28, 53. 34 isn't in HD yet, but I don't think any markets have local PBS in HD yet.

As for rain fade, in the two short months I've had it, I only lost signal one evening when we had those MONSTER storms roll through. They were tall, and covered most of the southern and western parts of the state, so it didn't surprise me to have signal issues. The signal was having to travel through miles and miles of storms with crazy lightning.

As for customer service, I've been quite happy with Dish's phone support. They're also very accessible on Twitter.



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Jul 11, 2009
Columbus, Ohio
I'm in Columbus and have the 1000.2 110,119,129 and get 70+ signals from most all of of the transponders. A few are in the 60 range but they bounce around.

3 DVRs 722k, 622 and 621 and all fed from 3 coaxes from the 1000.2.

Rain fade not an issue unless it a real big storm.

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