Dish vs. Comcast in MA - thinking of feeding the PIG


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Jan 13, 2004
How do the Comcast (Franklin, MA 02038) cable SD channels look compared to Dish Network? Anybody has any experience? Do the Analog channels look horrible in an HDTV (comcast 1 to 99 is analog to the best of my knowledge)? After Service menu adjustments, my Sony 34XBR910 / Dish 811 looks good on the SD channels (little on the softer side though). I am tired of my dish moving due to wind/bad install and E* charging me $99.00 for adjustments and also for various other reasons, I am inclined to dump Dish and get Comcast. If somebody in MA can throw some light as to how the SD channels (and for that matter HD channels too) look, it would be of great help.
Thanks Guys!
I think the lower tier SD channels are comparable, ie bad. The digital channels (300 & above) look better with less variability of Dish (I don't know the algorithms they use to figure one channel deserves more bandwidth than another).

Comcast does have more HD than Dish, including Max, Starz, and INHD1 & INHD2, including some local hockey & baseball in HD.
Don't forget, if you get Comcast you can:

A- Get a discount for broadband internet access
B- Check to see if your local Comcast system will do a DBS buyback. Many systems will give you $25/month credit if you give them your DBS hardware (you don't need to give them all, just something like your cheapest STB and a dish, if leased hardware all they need is a copy of your bill showing your leasing).
rudolpht said:
I think the lower tier SD channels are comparable, ie bad.
That means though lower tier SD channels are Analog for Comcast and digital for Dish, they look comparable. Am I right?

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