Issues with 811

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Dec 5, 2003
I'm still having audio sync issues with an OTA station (NBC). Recent updates have not helped. This may be a station issue, but it does not always occur. Some shows have the problem, some do not. The audio is through an optical TOS link to my Denon receiver. When I called Dish about the problem, they said it would be addressed in future updates, implying that it was a problem with the 811. It has happened on SAT HD channels, but only a few times. Sometimes rebooting the receiver seems to help some, but not completely. Does anyone else have this problem?

On my PBS station, HD looks great as long as there is no motion in the scene. If there is, the picture becomes very pixelated. Is this because the station is using too much compression? I have 3 subchannels for PBS.

My pictures also look dark, DVI or Comp makes no difference.
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