Dishnetwork 322 Receiver Bug report (YES EVEN MORE)

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Mar 18, 2004
Once again Dishnetwork 322 Receiver is providing even more un wanted crap for me to record and preventing my ReplayTV 5040 from recording correct channel. Dishnetwork 322 Receiver has limited 44 hour program guide which for me is redundant and useless due to the fact ReplayTV 5040 has 12 day program guide.

Roadrunner Cable although a little higher priced and not digital gave me 24/7 uninterrupted TV signal with ReplayTV 5040 working flawlessly.

Dishnetwork :no insists on placing all sorts of error messages on my screen (Your Program Guide is Out of Date do you want to update now Yes Cancel No LOL when Cancel No are not even able to be chosen!

I ask for TV siganl not for some malfunctioning Dishnetwork hardware constantly unendingly giving me error messages on my screen!
How many posts are you going to make with the same things??????

You are probably within your time to cancel with no fee (actually DHA has no commit), so just cancel and go back to cable
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