DishNetwork Dual Tuner/Dual TV Receiver


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Jul 12, 2005
I just switched from Directv back to Dish Network, and I am befuddled about the way the install was done. With Directv I installed a 4x8 multiswitch to run all my televisions. Well, I am currently only using 2 televisions so when switching to Dish I only ordered the DRV-625 which is a dual tuner receiver that can run two tv's.

Now, to my question. I was always under the impression that you had to run coax from the satellite to the receiver without splitting. However, when installing the Dish dual tuner receiver the installer took one of the cables from the satellite and ran it into a splitter which fed the two cables running to the two tuners on the receiver, and also to the cable that runs directly to the 2nd television. How can this work? Is this some sort of special splitter? With Directv I ran two separate cables from the multiswitch all the way to the dual tuner receiver. Is there a difference between running to two separate receivers vs two tuners on the same receiver that allows you to use a split signal? Perhaps the same would have worked for Directv and I just didn't know it.

Also, he is completely bypassing the multiswitch that I put in. I'm not sure how the dual tv receiver passes the signal to the 2nd television (somehow it goes over an "on-air" frequency through the coax). I am assuming that the multiswitch would interfere with this pass through, and that is why he bypassed it. Is this correct?

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Mar 11, 2005
it is a separator not a splitter, your 4X8 does not work with Dish Pro or Dish Pro Plus equipment. The switch is built into the LNB and does not need an external switch. With the dual tuner with a phone line connected you do not pay for an addtl rec outlet charge.


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Feb 3, 2005
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You have one of the new Dish Pro Plus Twin LNB's. With this system you only have to run 1 line to the receiver. At the receiver you would have a seperator that splits the 1 line from the LNB to feed the two tuners on the 625. Also you installer has used a diplexor setup to run your second tv off of the same line that feeds you tuners signals from the dish. As long as it works don't sweat it.

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