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Apr 9, 2010
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So my dad has a 722k running in dual mode with a Sling Adapter installed. When he uses DISH Remote Access everything works as it should. He can request a recording to play through the website and it appears on his computer. However, when DISH started encouraging people to start using DISHOnline he started to have problems. Now when he requests a video, the upstairs TV1 output takes over whatever is going on there and starts playing his requested program, then the TV2 output is sent to his web browser in LIVE TV mode. It doesn't matter what Internet browser he uses, it's been an issue ever since he started using DISH Online. Is there anything I can do to help him?


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Feb 7, 2011
PM your dad's info to one of the Dish IRT people ... .. Receiver ID, Smartcard id, and the logon username/account letting them know.. it works fine with Dish remote Access.. but that it starts this TV1 playback when you attempt to use Dish Online.

The issue is debate-ably known ... Dish IRT are aware.. but it seems several or most of the Dish CHAT techs aren't... no ETA has yet been given (though I've not scoured the boards in the past 24 hrs to find out if Dish has made a decision to tackle & fix..)

The best thing is to use Dish Remote Access until you can't any more.. and complain weekly to Dish that dish online still isn't working.. this problem has existed for me since may, just before they took Dish Online out of Beta ...

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