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Sep 7, 2011
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So, in my living room I used to have a Vizio tv in the living room with the actual receiver, but recently I got a new TV, a Samsung flat screen LCD.

Everything worked fine for a few weeks, then the IR remote started acting weird. I figured the remote was going bad so I just used the UHF remote as my second TV wasn't set up yet. Well one day I was listening to music off Dish and had it running through my surround, I picked up the IR remote and the channel changed. So I turned on the TV and it still worked fine... ODD!!

So I used it then the problem started again, so I went through and found all the codes that would operate my TV and tried each one (4 numbers), and each one would work sometimes but not others. So what I did then was started changing numbers that the remote transmits on to the receiver.

So here's the issue. I've tried all the TV codes that will work on my Samsung LCD and they all kinda work. I've changed the receiver numbers numerous times also. The weird thing is when the remote isn't working I can turn the TV off and change channels just fine, but when I turn the tv back on the remote stops working.. sometimes it works, most times not... Any ideas kind people?



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Dec 30, 2010
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This is caused by IR interference from the TV. When the TV is first turned on, for the first 15-20 minutes or so the IR remote doesn't work properly (if at all).

Switching to a UHF remote, or turning the backlighting on your TV off will fix the problem. If you'd like info about getting a UHF remote for TV1, feel free to send me a PM

Here's a thread with a similar problem -
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