Dishpro and Dishpro Plus Compatibility Questions


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Sep 8, 2003
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In another unrelated thread, technical questions surrounding Dishpro Plus have come up. As we are in technology flux between Legacy, Dishpro and Dishpro Plus, with many of us deciding which way will meet our needs in the coming year, I felt these should get there own thread.

Stargazer Wrote
Does Dish plan on including the DP+44 switches with the SuperDish next year or are they going to make you pay extra for the DP+44 or pay the difference between the DP34 and DP+44?

Good question about The DP+44. It could solve a lot of problems if they would include it in the box instead of the DP34.

Another question surrounding this is: Can the DP34 and the DP+44 be linked to each other? This would give a mix of port types. Maybe use a couple ports on the DP44+ for legacy receivers and another couple ports on the DP44+ for a dual tuner DVR where you can't easily run multiple cables. Use a DP34 to pickup the rest of the DP compatible receivers. Might be a nice setup and much easier than cascades SW64's with all the extra splitter and load isolators.

What I am really asking is to what extent are DP and DP+ compatible. I would hate to convert to DP only to find out that I has to convert to DP+ next year. It would make good sense if they were compatible, but it needs to be verified.

Stargazer Wrote
That is a real good question. I hope they have not already made DishPro obsolete with DishPro+ making more incompatibility issues. I am not saying that DishPro is going to be completely obsolete that it would still be in use but a lot of people will think this if they cannot use DishPro and DishPro Plus together.

I assume the DishPro receivers will be able to be used with DP+ switching I would hope that DP switches would also work with the DP+ switches. What receivers are supposed to be DP+? I read the instruction manual on the SuperDish and it said that some receivers would be DP+. Are these going to be the dual tuners such as the 322 and 522 receivers or will it be all future receivers that are going to be released?

It would be nice to accumulate these compatibility questions here and maybe get Dish to answer them somehow.

Jay White
I agree with you and perhaps this is one of the reasons why there is a delay with the DP+44 switch, so that they can make them compatible.

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