811 & Nov1 yes or no


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Sep 26, 2003
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So is the 811 going to be out on Nov 1???

Called a local retail he told me he had heard it was delayed until after the first of the year.

Maybe he was talking about the 921.

Called Dish CSR they had no idea!!!!!!

Man I sure would like to get up on HD. I had my new TV for months and have been waiting on Dish to release there new hardware. Maybe I should have just went with 6000. :(
They said the 921 would be delayed but have heard nothing on the 811 and if there were problems I think you would have heard about it by now, like the 921. Its almost always software issues....
On yesterdays Dealer Chat the most that was said was when available the 811 would be included in the promotion. I wouldn't look for an 811 on Nov.1 maybe mid month but Jim and Charlie were very scarce on exact dates yesterday. Buy what is available today or hope for Christmas Presents.
Based on E* past history with the availability of these receivers and the fact that they said "when it's available" during the retailer chat yesterday, there's NO WAY it'll be available Nov 1.
I feel your pain.

I wish D* had the potential bandwidth to support lots of uncompressed HD (and SD) like E* will have with the SuperDish. That's really the ONLY thing that has kept me from switching to D*.

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