New Software (7.69) Spooling for 2700/2800/3700 (1 Viewer)

Wally B

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Sep 22, 2003
Looks like DISH is releasing new software for the 2700/2800/3700 receivers today. Changes noticed so far:

**"DISH500 Card Ready" is back on the System Information screen.

**The dish pointing screen has been changed dramatically. Looks like SuperDISH support has been added...orbital slots included on this screen are now 61.5, 105, 110, 119, 121, 129, and 148. The "DISH 500" button has now been replaced by a "Peak Angles" button. This screen now lets you choose which system you have (Dish 300, 500, or Super Dish) and it gives you the angles. Also, the dual signal strength bars used to point Dish 500 seem to be gone. You now have to peak each orbital slot by choosing the one you want to peak on the main screen.

One bug I noticed about the peak angles screen: the skew is shown as "???" even when you choose a Dish 500 system...

**I don't have locals so I cannot verify if local mapping is back again, but I do notice that "channel 0" is not on my guide, unlike previous update attempts.

If I notice anything else new, I will add it.



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Sep 9, 2003
Has anyone yet nailed down what the story is with "Dish500 Card Ready"? I take it that a card swap is coming up. Anyone know when?


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Sep 7, 2003
Western WV
It was already said that there would be a card swap this year but it seems like it has been delayed just like everything else. Any receiver that states Dish500 card ready has had software downloaded to it in which is ready for the different card and I believe once you put a Dish500 card in the receiver you cannot have an older card put back in and activated, if I am not mistaken. The card is married to the receiver anyways and its hard to get a different card for the same receiver to be programmed to it unless you talk to the right person.

Smith P.

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Oct 4, 2003
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Wally B said:
One bug I noticed about the peak angles screen: the skew is shown as "???" even when you choose a Dish 500 system...

You should select type of dish, then close the window and return again for eliminate the ??? in skew value.


how can i force my 2800 reciver to get this update? i have had it off all day and night but didnt get it.

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