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Oct 28, 2005
I recently purchased a Dishpro plus lnb twin. I installed it per instruction sheet. It works perfectly with my legacy receiver. It does not work with my FTA receiver.

Someone said the DPP operates at 750ma and the FTA has an output of 500ma. That would explain why the FTA won't power it. If that is the case, why does my legacy receiver work? If the FTA won't power it and the legacy does, isn't one power source sufficient to do the job?

This lnb is mounted on my Dish 500 for 119 and 110. I am paying Dish for two receivers. I wanted to upgrade from my legacy lnb to this one because you dont need the SW64. It is build in and allows legacy reception. It has a port to add an additional satellite.

Any suggestion what I am doing worng or is this lnb designed specifically for dish receivers?

Signal strength on legacy 100-117%.
Signal strength on ****** 2700 is 40-60%

With the strong signal on the legacy and all switches working, I have the dish pointed correctly. :confused:
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