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Aug 20, 2008
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When watching programs filmed in low light (such as night scenes or dark rooms) the picture is almost as if it were projected onto a screen or viewed through cheese cloth. Is this a inherent with all LCD TVs? Is it a problem with my Dish receiver? Or do I just need to make some minor adjustment?

I have two LCD TVs.....A 32in Vizio and a 19in Sony. Both display the same problems and it doesn't matter if the program is High Def or Standard.

Live programing viewed OTA doesn't seem to present this problem.

Any help in resolving this issue would greatly be appreciated.


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Oct 16, 2009
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Any help in resolving this issue would greatly be appreciated.[/QUOTE]

If you don't go for the calibration disc, you could simply turn the backlight down, adjust the brightness and contrast and that should help with the problem.

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