Unbundling - how long does it take?


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Feb 21, 2005
A question for those of you who have unbundled services, having from AT&T/Dish to standalone Dish. How long did the unbundling process take? We had quite a hassle with AT&T after we cancelled our landline, and now I'm waiting for things to transfer over to Dish and hoping everything goes well.

How long does the process typically take? It's not like I'm waiting anxiously for a bill or anything, but I'm getting curious. It has been about three weeks.

I can't remember exactly how long it took but it takes around 4-6 weeks for you to get the first bill from Dish Network. Even though you're now a Dish Network customer, they flag your account as an ATT ex-customer and you don't have access to your account online.

For me to have access online, they wanted to create a new Dish Network account and charge me two months of billing like if I was a new customer. I said, thank you but NO.
I was 1st told 2-3 months, then again 4-6 weeks. I think it was actually around 3 weeks. However, i was able to contact Dish and register thereby getting my own username and was able to log on. Dish needed something from ATT to "unbundle".
I have to say it went a lot easier than I thought or had read about. Was happy with the end result. Good Luck.
About 3 years ago I inadvertently unbundled from my phone company by "moving" to get my locals out of Atlanta. My phone company did not have service there so it was automatically unbundled.

It was pretty quick but I cant recall exactly how long it took for me to notice the missing discount.

Since that time I have gotten more discounts and loyalty credits and Cinemax for a penny to more than outweight the $5/mo discount bundling gave me.
Last year I sent an email to the CEO email address asking about getting unbundled and was contacted by a CSR who was able to open a brand new account for me (alleviating the problem that RandallA mentioned earlier) and I even qualified for the new sub discounts!!
We had a customer that did it a couple years ago. She was bundled with Iowatelecom and it took her about 3 months.

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