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What will you do on Dec 1 when Distant networks are scheduled to go away?

  • Subscribe to Dish Local

    Votes: 20 24.1%
  • Use an OTA antenna

    Votes: 25 30.1%
  • Switch to DirecTv

    Votes: 8 9.6%
  • Switch to Cable

    Votes: 6 7.2%
  • Do without locals/distants

    Votes: 24 28.9%

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Sep 27, 2003
DNS subcribers

DNS subscribers.

What will you do on Dec 1 when Distant networks are scheduled to go away?

Note: My two threads are now combined with the one with the poll
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Dont matter to me I never have gotten them. As long as I get my main locals thats all that matters to me. So over this is no big loss!
DNS subscribers.

What will you do on Dec 1 when Distant networks are scheduled to go away?

This thread was suppose to have a poll. I may have to add another thread to add it.
What will you do Dec 1
1) Subscribe to Dish Local
2) Use an OTA antenna
3) Switch to DirecTv
4) Switch to Cable
5) Do without locals/distants

No big deal, I'll just switch to D*.:)
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DNS subscribers.

What will you do on Dec 1 when Distant networks are scheduled to go away?
For me there aren't many options. I contacted Time Warner about extending their cable run approximately 1/4 mile to my house, and was told by their engineering department that they would, but at a cost of a little over $16,000.00. When I bought the house it had an OTA antenna on the roof that was in very good shape, with new cable installed I still had snowy picture at best, this was reception from Buffalo, too many hills down here to reach Rochester or Elmira. As far as Verizion goes, I am in line of sight of their switch station but can't even get DSL, let alone think of FIOS. These are the downfalls of living in a rural area with such a low population as we have here , if I want networks at all I will just expand my FTA use to get whatever is available.
I will save the extra $18/mo. -- maybe find somewhere else to allocate it. I have StarChoice from Canada, so I'm not all that worried. If it happens, it happens!
Well even though I'll loose NY & LA, I'll STILL have the Denver distants, since I "moved" to a Denver DMA address.
BUT, what I suspect will happen before too long, is that E* will move (at least) the Denver & Chicago distants to spot beam, so I WON'T be able to get the Denvers, either. (with NO way to offer ANY more DNS, no reason to have them on CONUS any longer)
Soooo, I guess that means the ONLY thing I'll have left on E* is Supers & the PI pak - hmm, maybe I might move to a nearby DMA & get a different locals pkg... :D ;) Or, maybe this will be the time I just disco E* altogether, since I could NOT tell you the last time I really watched the supers much anyway & I'm not sure they're worth $6. (they DON'T cost me that much now, since I'm on one of the old distant/supers "bundles" & they only cost about 1/2 that much now)
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I just checked my address with D* & I do not qualify for distants with them so E* is going to loose a $140/ month customer if my distants are shut off.

No more distants but I will save a bundle combining cable, internet & phone.

But the wife is gonna be pissed, we both start work at 5am so we are unable to stay up late enough to see network programing when it airs on the west coast, but with the east coat feeds we can watch shows the day it airs.

Needless to say I am not happy.

I might just go Canadian since I am in Seattle & that is where the west coast feeds come from so I could still get my locals.
This poll actually lends some credability to the court's decision. The majority of voters say they're either going to sub to Dish locals or use and antenna. If either of those can get you networks, then that basically negates any genuine need you had for distants to begin with - which is kind of what this is all about.

The bottom line - if people AND affiliates had been more honest to the spirit of the SHIVA - SHVERA laws and Dish hadn't been so greedy, there probably wouldn't be this situation. And if congress had their collective heads out of their collective butts, they would never had written into the law a mandatory penalty that, in the end punishes the innocent along with the guilty.
Poll was missing an important option

Actually I will "CONTINUE to subscribe to Dish Locals".

FWIW I completely lost interest in "Distant Networks" when I realized that all but one of them was in SD and the one in HD required a 2nd dish.

However I do sympathize with those who depend on distant networks because they still can't get their locals via Dish.

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I think you should add an option to your poll Go Canadian

I thought of several other options but didn't state them. E.g. add basic cable for locals and keep dish subscription. But 5 options seemed enough.
So far 54 % of the poll voting indicates that those individuals can get the net's
by subscribing to locals with Dish or by OTA which means that they should not of been eligible for Distants in the first place(unless of course they all had waivers for every single network).

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