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May 31, 2004
Pace, FL
A little background first:

I have a SuperDISH 105, Type 1, my signal strength for 110 and 119 are over 100 pretty much all the time, and my signal strength for 105 hovers around the low 50's maybe making 57-59 sometimes. ZIP code = 32571.

Pretty much every time it rains even a little, I lose my signal for 105. My 110 and 119 seem fine, but it's pretty annoying that even with just a little rain, 105 goes away. My installer had to come out for something else last week and I asked him about tweaking it a little and he looked at the strength and said "You're fine".

I guess my question is, should I make him come back out to tweak the Dish to get 105 a little stronger? I know the new satellite is going up fairly soon, but in the meantime, is 49-55 good, average, crappy or what for 105 signal?


It depends on the area that you are in to how good the reception will be on 105. In the Ohio Valley I am able to achieve a signal on 105 as high as mid 70's to mid/upper 80's. In other areas 50's are the maximum signal strength from 105 that you can get on fringe areas. Once a new satellite is launched at 105 you will be able to achieve a higher signal strength. 105 is an FSS satellite with a weaker signal than the DBS satellites.

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