Does it come in a Cow box also?

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Woud you buy a Plasma monitor from Gateway? When they started selling Plasma monitors several years ago I never dreamed I would read this artical. I personally wouldn't buy one unless I could see it in the show room. I know the the "Gateway stores" are all around ( we have one in Tulsa) but still....

Now Dell is getting in to the home electronic business also. Post your thoughts here.
I would never buy one after seeing it in person. My neighbor got one and it was not very sharp. Monday Football looked really bad. Also not every one of those plasma TVs is HD. The cheaper ones are not even HD ready. You get what you pay for.
Correct James, if you read the artical it says there top seller is an EDTV. Same goes at the local retailers. The "Affordable" plasma monitors are only 480p (at most).
I had a similar experience with samsung plasma. I went to an exhibition that samsung put together to show their latest HDTV including their plasma. The DLP projection HDTV looked much better than the plasma. When I asked why the plasma did looked so out shape, the guy could not tell me. The asking price for these plasmas $9,000 to $15,000. Maybe they needed calibration but I was not very impressed with them.
There can be some very bad plasmas out there. But I'm sure that you've also seen some really good ones on display as well. I picked up a Panasonic EDTV plasma due to its very good reputation over at

I have not been disappointed. The HDTV programming looks great, and most say that Panasonic EDTV vs HDTV look the same past 6 feet from the screen. I have zero regrets and I get a brilliant & sharp picture in HD.

That all said, Dell was selling this Plasma from their web site. I almost bought from Dell too since they had a good price and a good return policy. Dell likely gets thousands of returns a week of computer equipment, so they likely don't sweat plasmas etiher.
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