Does Sling TV carry the Epix channels?


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Dec 12, 2012
I have DirecTV of which I don’t want to drop so I thought I’d add Sling TV someday so I could watch the Epix networks. So here are my questions regarding it.

1) Does Sling TV carry any of the Epix channels?

2) Does Sling TV carry all of the Epix channels?

3) What’s the lowest package that I need to have them?

4) Does Sling TV have a cloud-based DVR service?

5) Is there any way to “move” with Sling TV? I’d like to get another local market that I don’t already receive since I would be having a new service.

6) Am I limited in any capacity to where I could “move” to within the United States? Could I even “move” to Alaska or Hawaii?

7) How often can I “move” safely with Sling TV?
Moving doesn’t work the same way with OTT services as it does with satellite. Not sure about sling, but PS Vue, DTVNow, and Youtube TV all use a combo of geolocation and IP addresses depending on the device your using. You can try a VPN, but it’s easy for these providers to figure out that your using a VPN... and you would have to find a VPN in the market you want... however, as Scott said, Sling isn’t known for their carriage of locals which probably makes this a moot point anyways.

Edit: this link will show locals based on zip..

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