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Sep 13, 2006
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It seems like I get one set of questions answered, it opens Pandora's Box on yet more :)

I've got a DPP 44 coming and, being the neophyte that I am with this stuff, I'm trying to get a feel for what I'm gonna be doing before I do it and I couldn't find anything that fits my installation like a glove.

First off, I have a Dish 1000 (Port 1 119 Twin, Port 2 110 Twin, Port 3 129 Dual) system and a ViP 211 and 625 (dual tuner) receivers. I need the extra line in the same location my 211 is so I can hook it up to another receiver (either a 301 or a 322) and run my SAL Tivo without messing with my HDTV.

Can anyone point me to a schematic of this hookup that's already been done? If no one's done such a basic connection and kept their notes....heck, most of ya'll could do this in your sleep, no doubt :D ......could I get a step by step on which wires go where? Every time I think I know what needs to be done, I end up reading somethng that just confuses me more. :confused: Thanks, once again, for the help!

I see that you can mount these switches inside or outside. How many people put these inside? How long of a run between the dishes and the switch is acceptable? Can you have the grounding blocks between the LNBs and the switch?

I have a DP34 hooked up to 3LNBs, all outside. I am going to add another dual-tuner box and for that I am thinking of using some barrel connectors to extend the cable run and just have the new switch (maybe a DPP44) inside the house.

I have mine inside, I don't like having the switches outside. The max cable runs between LNBs and receivers is 200 ft. for DP. You can place the switches anywhere in between.

"Can you have the grounding blocks between the LNBs and the switch?"

Yes, you can. The grounding blocks should be placed before they enter the house.
My 44 is inside the house, protected from the elements. particularly temp. extremes. If that's an option I consider it advisable. The total cable length is spec.'d at 200' max. from the receiver to the LNB with the switch somewhere in between. If the switch was close to the receiver (might be possible if there were multiple dishes spaced close to 400' apart for some reason) then you could have most of that cable length between the switch and LNBs. (I'm guessing the distance limiting issue is more related to the resistive loss to the DC power in the cable vs. the signal loss. So a cable with a lower resistance might allow a longer run.)

I have the grounding blocks between the LNBs and the switch and the switch itself is not given a separate bond to ground, only what it natually has through the coax cables.

Make sure the barrel connectors you're using are rated to at least 2150MHz - not all are...
Actually, only the power inserter must be installed indoors. The switch itself can go inside or out. There is no specified length limit between the inserter and the switch within the overall 200' max., but that distance should be kept to a minimum. In my case, the separator is behind my receiver and the switch is at least 50' away from that. I have intended to move the inserter closer to the switch but never got a "round tuit". In 10+ months of operation there have been no issues with my existing setup and I have a rock-solid reception situation...
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