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Mar 20, 2008
I currently have one dish pointing at 110/119 using a Dishpro Plus twin which is also connected to a second dish and DPP single LNB , with 2 lines coming into the house going to each dual tuner receiver. What are my options in adding a 3rd receiver. I was going to connect each respective lnb/sat loc to a DP34 then run 3 lines to the receivers, but I understand now that a DP34 does not work with a Dishpro Plus system, specifically the seperators that connect the 2 inputs at the dul tuner receivers. Is this true ? Is there any way for me to use this DP34...if not what are my options for the best setup ?


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Jan 19, 2008
If you use the dp 34 switch then you will need to run 2 cables to the dual tuner receivers. You can either use a dpp 44 switch with one cable and a separator to each dual tuner receivers, add another dish to get signal to the 3rd receiver, or use 2 dp 34 switchs together for up to 8 tuners.(but you would have to run 2 cables to each dual tuner.)


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Feb 14, 2005
No! NO! No! Forget the dang switches!!!

a second dish - looking at what bird???

Just get a 1000.2 dish!!!!!!!!
if you still need the 2nd dish - hook it to port 4 on the 1000.2 lnb
You can then have three rg6 lines to three twin tuners.


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