DPP44-500 Water in LNB Eye Caps


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DPP44-500 w/8 Receivers (Small Motel)
Hello: We have an 8 room motel, each room has its own receiver powered by a DP500+ run through two DPP-44 switches. After a big storm some receivers started getting a Check Switch Error. After running Check Switch on each receiver I found that most of them lost either 110 and still had 119 or vice versa. Another powerful storm w/50mph winds hit a few days ago, the power went out for about 10min. I was on 119
around 49 signal, room next door was on 110 thru same switch but different receiver, when the power restored and the receiver rebooted I no longer had signal on 119 but I now did on 110 at about 35 signal. Went through checked all the receivers again there were still two picking up 119. So I figured the dish must have gotten blown off a bit. So today even though it was raining, I climbed up there to adjust the dish but all I could find was 110 and now only 4 rooms have signal, the other 4 show port 1-2-3 good connection no signal, port 4 no connection. Which is odd because when I had signal on 110 it was on port 4??? So I climbed back up there that’s when I noticed that the left eyeball cap was about 1/2 full of water and the right eyeball was about 1/3 full, middle eye was okay. So I’m figuring this is part of the problem but I don’t understand why the 2nd switch isn’t picking up the 110 feed (better than nothing) from the 1st switch. I know the 1st receiver in line in the 2nd group is off, would that matter? And then the eyeballs caps, can they be drained or will the LNB have to be replaced? (sorry, Im not all technical in terminology but I understand it, I worked for the first company contracted by Hughes to install DTV, our office was a test pilot way back in the day.) I hope this wasn’t too confusing, any suggestions appreciated.
thank you, Ronda



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Dec 28, 2013
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The LNB should be replaced, but drilling a small drain hole in the bottom of the affected caps may work in the interim. It really depends on how much moisture may have reached the electronics or damaged the wave guide. Worth a try anyway while you're waiting for the new LNB.

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