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Nov 25, 2003
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It looks like we have 1 or 2 of these channels now. How do I view these channels. Do I have to have the 6000 or 811 to view the digital locals. I have older TV's so I know they don't have built in digital tuners. I guess I could get some sort of converter box.
Yeah, you'lll need a HDTV receiver with the OTA tuner. In the 6000 it was an optional 8VSB tuner, so make sure its present. You can add the 921 to the list also.

I would tell you that your TVs have to be HDTV, but they don't. They just need to have S-Video or Composite inputs.
jlhugh said:
What do people do that don't use the dish. Buy some kind of converter if they have an older TV?
Yes. The cheapest seems to be the SIR-150 which sells for around $249 if you shop around (I got mine much cheaper due to a scratch on the front). It has a standard NTSC video output that feeds a standard set (something that other tuners may not have). It also has connectors for HDTV monitors, but you don't have to use them. :)

Over the next couple of years new large screen TVs will be required to include DTV tuners. As the years pass that requirement will move down to smaller sets. There will also be cheaper converter boxes available as the need for them increases.

Lots of OTA only tuners on the market
Kevinw said:
Lots of OTA only tuners on the market

That's a shameless self promotion !
jerryez said:
The shameless part is that he sold the receiver to someone and then pulled the eBay add.
Fortunately for me after the first buyer sent it back because they can't have an antenna at the apartment they live in, I offered it to the second place buyer who swooped it up. I need the the money for my new surround sound receiver :D Just goes to show how popular and in demand OTA only receivers still are.

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