Dish customer service - worst I have seen it.


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Nov 29, 2003
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My letter sent to Dish after my 3rd cancellation is attached.

Pathetic customer service. I really don't even care if they have them - just tell the stinking truth and save me the trouble of getting ready for installer.


From: "Miguel A. Garcia, Jr." <>
Date: 2003/12/24 Wed AM 10:30:59 EST
To: <>
Subject: Customer service nightmare

Mr. Ergen:

I have been a Dish Network customer since you had around 200,000 subscribers. I have two the original Dish 5000's, and one in still in use.

I came to Dish in its infancy after horrible customer service experience with my local cable.

For five years I have been a happy customer and an advocate of Dish. My parents, sisters, and in-laws have all been Dish customers for years on my recommendation. I have never regretted active support of your company until today.

I ordered a Dish 811 a month or so ago. My credit card was charged
immediately. Today it was rescheduled for the third time. While I can
understand the not being able to install something your company simply does not have, the customer service your company has provided has left me wondering if I should remain a customer.

As you may or may not know, when one orders a receiver he is told to clear the area for the installer including three to four feet from the wall if the TV is in an entertainment center. The night before the first install date I moved the solid cherry entertainment center where the receiver was to go, labeled all the cables and prepared accordingly. The entertainment center weights an incredible amount. It is 72 inches tall, features pocket doors, holds a 215 pound TV and a 50 pound amp/ receiver etc. Every time I move the piece I haveto get my neighbor to help as one person could not possible move it safely.

The first install was canceled late in the evening before the install the next morning and after I moved the entertainment center. The second install was scheduled shortly after the first so I left the center in the middle of the living room, much to the dismay of my wife.

The second install was canceled the day of the install during the install

I moved everything back into place and was now rescheduled for today -

I called on December 18th to confirm the install and was told that everything was in stock. Again I moved the entertainment center last night. Over my wife’s patronizing ribbing that I was crazy, I waited this morning, CHRISTMAS EVE, with the TV and stereo disconnected and a few feet from the Christmas tree waiting for the installation I was assured would happen between 8-12. I called at 9am or so to be sure all was on schedule as we were waiting for the installer before heading out of town to be with family during the day to come
home tonight for Santa.

Irene at the call center confirmed that all was set still today and I waited. Approximately 10 minutes later a representative from ‘Dish DRC’ called to cancel. I was furious and told him so. He said there was no inventory and he was the ‘bad guy’ because Dish should have called me ‘two days ago’ to cancel.

I asked who to speak to about this problem and he said Dish.

So, I call Dish again and speak to Angela. Angela informs that they have known for ‘quite a while’ that the 811 was not available. I asked her to check my record and confirm that I asked if I was still on for the install on the 18th of December. She said she could see my call and does not know why they told me that. I asked her if she could check the call a few minutes ago to Irene which confirmed that all was still on, she said she could not see that call. I asked to speak with a supervisor that likewise was puzzled that no one had told me that the install would not be possible.

I am now scheduled for the 10th of January and will be looking at my options until then.

Since I feel I have quite a bit invested in Dish over the years I am very angry with the service I am not sure what my options are, but if this service is typical, you (we) have huge problems.

Miguel Garcia
Macon, Georgia
(478) xxx-xxxx
It seems to me that Dish has a very poor line of communications with the subcontracted installers. Some type of web interface for the installers to notify Dish that they do not have componets, or for some reason things are going to be delayed might go along way towards improving things in this area.
I am not happy with Dish Networks' customer service either. But when you think about it, Dish isn't the only place where customer service has declined drastically. I blame the "contracting out" of work interests in this country. Many companies are doing this, and in my opionion, customer has to suffer because of it. When you have people doing work for you who don't have your compainies main interests and loyality at heart, there will be problems. When the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, it is hard to keep track of your business and make your customers happy. There are just too many "middle-men" in between the parent company and the customer. I called Dish many times to make sure that the tech would come out with a particular part, and each time the CSR said that everything was noted on the work order. However, on FOUR successive visits, the tech did not have the part! Now if Dish had control over ALL of their assets, I'm sure most of us would be satified. But when there are so many people involved in such a minor install of a receiver, (come on! It's just a couple of cables and a phone call!) communication suffers. Oh how I miss the good ole days of when I called a company, I had my dealings with just THAT company!
I guess I am fortunate in that I have a local installer with whom I have established a very good relationship, which dates back to 1999 when he came out to sell us on Dish Network. Rick has gone beyond the normal to make us happy. When I am ready for the 921 I know that when I let him know I want one...when they are available, he will get one for me and install it correctly. What is interesting is that this is just a side business for him...his real job is as an accountant!
Sorry about the problem - try calling 866-443-5162, it's the ph# for the office of Soraya Cartwright, an Executive at Dish that I believe is in charge of the Customer Service centers - I spoke with the rep - Christina (don't have her ext with me - sorry) and they seem to be focused on correcting many of the problems with cancelled installs, defective units, and so forth.

My install for HDTV in the box is set for New Year's eve (8-12)

I would also demand some sort of compensation (a free month?) for the inconvenience this caused you...

Good Luck!
bubba04 said:
I am not happy with Dish Networks' customer service either. But when you think about it, Dish isn't the only place where customer service has declined drastically.

So because lots of companies suck it's okay for Dish to suck?
Just because others do it does not make it ok for Dish Network to do it and for us to accept this. Their bad customer service will catch up to them if it hasn't already.
Stargazer said:
Just because others do it does not make it ok for Dish Network to do it and for us to accept this. Their bad customer service will catch up to them if it hasn't already.

Actually you guys missed the point of my post. My opinion is that the contracting out that Dish is doing is part of the problem for the bad customer service. It doesn't excuse their performance. It just explains it. I am scheduled for the 3rd try at an 811 this Sunday. I am expecting to be rescheduled again. I am just as frustrated with E* as the orginal poster for this thread. There are many reasons why we are receiving bad service. I simply pointed what I believe is ONE of the problems.

Now... time to wait without frustration for HDTV. The 811 is/was my Xmas present. So you can imagine how unhappy I am with Dish right now.

I did receive a call from Dish DRC offering to install next Wednesday, the 31st. Unfortunately we will be heading to my parents house in Florida, but at least they called me instead of the reverse. Progress I suppose IF it happens.

Thanks for the reply post BTW, when I read back on my post I realized it was a rant and I am sorry for that. Heat of the moment.

Happy Holidays to all.

alfbinet said:
I guess I am fortunate in that I have a local installer with whom I have established a very good relationship, which dates back to 1999 when he came out to sell us on Dish Network...!

My installer moved to Atlanta and no longer services Macon, I wish he did.
I had a similar experience. Had 2 calls the night before, reminding me of my appointment. When they cancelled the next day, I cancelled my subscription. I am now a Directv subscriber.
I've just had a similiar situation happen over the last couple of days. I was scheduled for an install of a 510(upgrade from a 4900) on Friday. Got a call around 12:30 telling me that the installer was in an accident. It was rescheduled for this afternoon and they never showed. I called in at 3pm and they said yeah the installer is coming. I wanted her to confirm it but she just said they are coming. I called around 6pm and said that they never showed. The installer said that he kept trying to call me before he came but that the phone was busy during each of the "many" times he called. What's funny is that I was only on the phone for about 8 minutes for 2 calls the whole day. He lied. They are still trying to work me in for Sunday but I'm not sure when yet. They say I'm supposed to be first. We'll see.
Talk to dish with your wallet

I sell customer support software and have worked with many companies who want to improve the customer experience. The reason is that it costs a lot less to keep long-term customers then get new ones.

For example, if your an existing Dish customer, you can buy an 811 from them for $399+. If your a new customer, they give it to you and install it for free. Why? More customers equal more money income.

Personally I wound not worry about getting your 811 installed. I've got my new 811 for sale on eBay which sums my experience with it.

Direct TV is coming on 12/31 to set up their HD system for me. I was with them for 7 years before switching to Dish and can't recall having any trouble with the equipment or customer service.
Dish lack of service

I to have been mislead by the people at dish about the 811. My HDTV system with the monitor was to be installed on 12/26/03, but they never called or showed up. I called on the 24th to verify the installation because of the shortages and was told because I ordered the monitor also there was no problem. They charged my credit card for a product they did not have, and in my book that is FRAUD. I have now filed a complaint with the Ohio attorney General, and the BBB. If more people would file complaints maybe Dish will wake up.
I called on Friday to buy a new DVR 510.

Was on hold for 25 Mins.

I guess they do not want my $$$$
Wow, my experience is very simular to TowJumper's. Last Monday evening (22 DEC), the installer called to say he was on the way. Great! After two reschedules, I was finally going to get HD! I moved my heavy RP TV and entertainment center out and waited. No show.

I called the installation company, Linkis (I got the number from the installer when he called) four times the next day to complain. Each time I was told that the installer's supervisor would call me back with an explanation and an install time for that day. No call.

I called the next day (24 DEC) to find out what was going on and confirm that I still had a 811 with my name on it. The install company CSR was very sympathetic. He said that he contacted the super and was told that the original installer still had my 811 and would install in the PM of 26 DEC. Great! Move all my stuff back for Xmas.

In the afternoon of 26 DEC, I called the install company to find out when the installer was coming. I was told that my install had been canceled because they had run out of 811's, and would not get more until after 5 JAN. I demanded to speak with a supervisor. I was told that a supervisor would call me within the hour. You can guess what didn't happen.

I have considered just canceling the whole deal and going HD Cable or D*. But, where else can you get a HD receiver for $149?
Well, I was scheduled (4th time) for the 811 tomorrow. I got a call on Friday to confirm my install.Then today the installer called to reshedule me for Jan 4th. I am hearing people say they are being told that the installers won't have them until after Jan 5th. Who wants to bet that I won't get the 811 on the 4th? I even asked the csr if he was SURE that I would have an 811 installed on the 4th. He said for SURE I would have one on the. We shall see. For if it isn't, I will call my BBB to report them also.

I have no problem with a company having stock problems. Something this high in demand is sure to cause a problem like this. What is bothering me is the lieing and the charging of mine and others credit cards. That is just flat out wrong. I guess they figure that since they are offering the 811 at half price, the can recoup the difference by charging $199 for just "making an appointment".
Get it together Dish. This ain't good.
I am in the same boat as others here. I have had 3 installs cancelled. The first 2, my receiver was on the installers truck but he was running too late to do my difficult install. The third was cancelled due to lack of product. And of course my CC was charged immediately the day I ordered.

The biggest problem I see with this promotion is E* not giving us the option to self install. Especially if it is replacing an existing receiver. All of us who ordered in early December would have their receiver by now if we were given this option and there would be a lot less disgruntled customers.
Hopefully Dish will learn a very valuable lesson from this. They try to keep customers by giving these types of offeres but lose them by showing how bad their customer service can be, so it makes things worse than it helps in many cases. Makes you wonder if they lose more customers than what they would have kept by doing such things as this.

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