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Oct 24, 2006
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Do they now charge monthly fees for DVR, additional TVs, etc?

Asking for a friend interested. I've had mine a few years and I don't pay anything but the stated service price.

I know they used to charge you for the unlimited DVR if you ordered at the store or over the phone but if online you avoided that too.
If you signup at there is a per-television fee if they accept the leased hardware, a $15/month advanced receiver fee, and a regional sports fee (choice package and above).
If you signup at it is bring-your-own-device and the three fees above do not apply. The base monthly prices is higher to offset the advanced receiver and RSN fee (choice package and above).
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Should also note there is a 2 year commitment when signing up at There are no commitments from
there are 2 services. directvstream, and directv via internets
the via internet is just like the sat service with all the same fees

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