Dump Verizon after 10 year.


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Jul 5, 2006
Well I been a fizo internet for over ten years, my speed was 10/2. Well Verizon decided to increase my cost to $65. When I call, they said you have higher speed 50/50. Just click on up my speed and you will a new supper fast router. So I did. After two week and no router, I call. We no nothing about this, so I gave them the chat I'd. They got back to said well, we can not send you the router. What we can do is sell you the router, then we will credit you. I told that you to send me the router, that was a lie, so I thing that the refund will also be a lie. So I cancel, I have 50/5 for $35 with another vender.

By the way, this wasn't the first lie. The first was when my Verizon router broke and they said i needed to purchase a new from them or ?. A few months later I call Verizon and found out the router was under warranty. The person said we was sending me a new router, never got it.

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