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Jun 5, 2006
I found this company while searching DVB-S2 PCI cards availibility. Anyone heard of them.

They claim they have the DVB-S2 card in several Beta sites and he said that the card will be available in late July for general purchase.

The datasheets are available at

http://www.digitalcruz.com/datasheets/dgc1000s.pdf for the DVB-S2
http://www.digitalcruz.com/datasheets/dgc2000a.pdf for the ATSC dual tuner card.

The marketing person I talked to is James Chang. He also told me that they will consider pre-orders of the card. He said that the card will be included in a media center PC made by a Japanese manufacturer. I told him to check out mytheatre and told him there is a large community of users utilizing Mytheatre that is waiting for DVB-S2 cards with TFEC and 8PSK. He said he was not sure if the card can do TFEC because DVB-S2 does not specify TFEC, but was going to check.

All in all, he seemed quite open and willing to offer information(probably because they are a startup). I asked him how to preorder and he said to send him an e-mail and he will put me on a list. He said they haven't planned for a larger beta, but due to multiple requests, they are considering offering a small run for an expanded BETA in a couple of weeks and have the card orderable via their online store. He did say that if they offer the expanded BETA it will be a limited amount available (he said less than 50) because they want to ensure the card drivers are solid before general release and they cannot support a large BETA program yet.

Finally, I asked him about the DUAL ATSC card because I am looking for a card like that due to my small case and he said that is going to be available in August.

I was going to order the technotrend card, but now with this delay, I am thinking of ordering the Digital Cruz card and give it a try. I also like that they are coming out with the Dual ATSC card using a PCI-e x1 slot.


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Jun 5, 2006
Do you know if the DVB-S2 card does it's video encode/decode in hardware or software? That dictates how much of a processor needed to operate HD.

I do not see any processor requirements listed in the docs.

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