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Apr 4, 2004
i recently signed up with dish after years with att/comcast and have the 522..love the service and have had no problems or complaints really...

i wanted to see if there is a way i can record the movies stored on the 522's hard drive for my own comsumption at a later date. is that possible? does anyone have any experience with this...thanks!
If you're talking about direct copies of the hard drive, no can do - yet - maybe someday. Other than that, just plug the recording device of your choice into it - preferably to the RCA jacks as opposed to the coax.
I use the Panny dmr80 and it does a great job of recording to dvd. I will usually copy to the hard drive first then dub at high speed when I am watching something else
The Panasonic's are nice. I especially like thier hard drive equipped models (although this may not be needed since you all ready have a PVR). But, there are other units out there too.

Be aware, that there are 3 different recordable disc formats:

DVD-RAM (around 2x the price of DVD +/- RW)

R will work in around 95% of existing DVD players
RW will work in around 50% of existing DVD players
RAM works in SOME Panasonic DVD players only (a perhaps a few others).

The panasonics can record to DVD-R (non-erasable) and DVD-RAM.

Personally, I'm partial to +R/RW where the RW discs don't require finalization (for standard DVD players). And, recorded material can be partially overwritten at will (like a tape).

The Comp USA Lite-ON LW-5001 (frequently on sale for $250) is by far the least expensive unit with a firewire port (for digital connection to a camcorder). I don't know if this model supports the partial overwrite feature - the Philips do.

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