DVI pinout for 811


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Nov 7, 2003
Just to double check the cable I bought how many pins does your DVI-D cable have? The cable I have is 19 pins. 2 sets of 9 and one flat pin. My TV requires that. The cable I have is single link.

I know I may sound stupid but I'm new to the DVI game.

All of the DVI cables I have seen have 3 rows of 8 pins (yielding 24 pins there), plus either a two blade pin making an + symbol or just a single blade -.

According to the 811 press release, the DVI port on it has 3 rows of 8 pins then a single blade.
Mark, you're in my area (Louisville, KY) have you had your 811 installed yet (that is if you ordered one) and if so, did High Power Tech install it or did they say that they hadnt gotten their shipment in yet?

DVI-D single link Male connectors
So that cable is right then? Good, thats exactly what the cable I bought looks like. Thank you.

DVI-I Dual Link

Note the additional 6 pins in the center of the group. That's the dual link.
But the 811 only requires single-link correct? Since single link handles up to 1080i. So my 18+1 DVI-D cable will work right?
Yes, that is how my cable is configured and it works with my DLP and computer.

Check out http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/DVI_monitor_cables.html#hdtv about 1/3 the way down.
Thank you! Knowing that you have that cable, the DVI-D Single Link and it is working fine with your 811 makes me feel much better knowing that I bought the right cable.
I don't have my 811 yet. But the cable works with my computer and DLP and LCD monitors. It should work with the 811. If not, send back the 811 for a new one. :)
This is the actual cable I have


Bought from Ebay for $1.00 + $7.00 Shipping. I have four of them.

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