DVR patent wars reheated?


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May 5, 2007
Salem, OR
Rovi has brought a lawsuit against Comcast regarding 14 unlicensed technologies used in the X1 DVR. As industry followers have come to expect, the suit was filed in East Texas. Issues include remote scheduling of recordings, AnyRoom DVR and X1 Search.

Rovi is also in negotiation with DISH and Echostar. AT&T reached a seven year licensing agreement in late December covering DIRECTV.

Comcast clearly has little interest in keeping their nose clean regarding IP. If only the NBC merger had been provisional (not practical or legal, but the merger would probably have had the smackdown laid on it in view of the patent disrespect [pun may have been intentional] they've exhibited since).

As an aside that caught me completely by surprise, Rovi is in negotiations to buy or merge with Tivo.

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