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Dec 29, 2003
wouldn't it be cool if you could organize your Recorded events in "folders" or "Themes" instead of just having them all listed together. That way, if you wanted to watch a movie, for example, you could go to your movies folder and pick one. Just a thought
How about an option to only view the channels you subscribe to when you press themes or only view the shows that are already recorded on the DVR Events screen when you press themes?
I also think it would be cool if you could re-name a recorded event. for instance, I have several "Sportscentury' shows recorded, all of which show up as "sportscentury" I should be able to rename them "sportscentury 1980", "Sportscentury 1981' etc. That way you don't have to view the info of each one every time to see exactly what it is
I have been asking for folders on the 721 since it first came out. I would like to name my own folders and when I set up a timer tell it which folder to go into. Also would like to be able to lock folders, rather then lock ratings and have to enter a code everytime I try to tune to HBO. Also should be able to move stuff folder to folder
I guess the best way to do all of these things is by having your own PC PVR. I am having issues with the software on my Hauppauge WinTV usb PC PVR.
I reluctantly dumped my ReplayTV when I switched to Dish with a 522. Being able to record two shows at once is cool, but everything else lacks compared to the ReplayTV. I could tell it what 'folder' to store the recording in. I could tell it to record 'Seinfeld' and it would record it on any channel at any time. I could tell it to only keep a certain number of episodes or hours of a show, so it wouldn't fill up the drive with my 3 year-old's Dora the Explorer recordings. I could go on and on... While we're 'wishing', I'd like to see Dish license ReplayTV like DirectTv did with TiVo... Now that would be the best of both worlds.
Dish wants to keep the money for themselves and with Dish selling more DVR's than anybody else without having to pay license fees to those like ReplayTV and Tivo I doubt we will see any changes until those other companies start getting more people get their DVR than Dish Network's DVR's.

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