Can I make the receiver control volume


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Jan 18, 2004
On the older receivers you had a choice of either the TV or SAT receiver controlling the volume. There was a menu setting for this.

On the new receivers (DVR 721, 50x, 522) you can set up the remote to use either TV or Aux to control volume. My question is can you set up the remote to control the volume through the SAT button. I did this with one of the new cable DVR's. It wasn't documented but I figured out how to do it anyways.

The reason I want to do this is because I have the receiver connected to my computer TV tuner and the only way to adjust volume is with the keybord or clicking on the on-screen controls. Would be much easier to use the sat remote to do this. Was able to do this with an old 1000 model receiver. Is there some undocumented setting for this or am I stuck with reaching for the keyboard each time I want to turn up the volume?
On the older receivers such as the 2700, 1000, 3000 you could change the volume and mute through the receiver but the newer receivers change the volume through the tv itself with the multi-functional remote.

I think this is one mistake they made with the newer receivers. They could have kept that functionality in them giving the customer the choice of changing the volume through the receiver or through the tv. This would have made the functionality of the receiver easier as well with the simpler remotes for those that cannot operate the remote that well and would have worked well for those that do not have remote control tv's or cannot find a code that will work with their tv.

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